How to ‘Embed’ your live stream!

What does it mean to ‘Embed’ your live stream? In order to insert your TwitCasting video into your website you will need to have a special link. This link is the html code for live videos. All you have to do is copy and paste this code in order to install it into the platform of your choice. Below we take you through where to find the Embed codes on TwitCasting so that you can easily use the link.

Note: You have to access twitcasting.tv from your browser to find the ‘Embed’ code.

Other words that also mean ‘Embed’ - insert, inlay, install etc.

Your ‘Embed’ options:

1. Embed a LIVE STREAM
2. Embed a SAVED LIVE from your LIVE HISTORY
3. Embed another broadcasters LIVE

1. Embed a LIVE STREAM: Go to your "Live" page and click on ‘Embed’. You will find the ‘Embed’ options at the bottom of the broadcast screen.

Once you click ‘Embed’ the following options will appear

Default = Small
These options represent the size that the video will appear when embedded.

Then you will have the option to select one of the following from the drop down menu:

Standard (Select this for most cases)
Auto Play with MUTE ON
Auto Play (note: Sound auto played)

(Standard means the playback starts when the play button is clicked).

Select the one you want. Copy and paste the code into your desired platform.

2. Embed a SAVED LIVE from your LIVE HISTORY: If you want to ‘Embed’ a Saved Live, go to your ‘Live History’, select a video and click ‘Embed’. The same options ‘Default, Medium and Large’ will appear.

3. Embed another broadcasters LIVE: To ‘Embed’ another broadcasters live stream, go to their live stream and do the same.

The embedded live can be played from PC, iOS or Android. However, the ‘Embed’ feature is accessible from your desktop.

For further information email support_intl@twitcasting.tv