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WHAT to do with your ‘Community Wall’, HOW to do it and WHY you want to!

WHAT is a Community Wall?

A Community Wall is a designated place on your personal page for you to build your own community of TwitCasters.

Are you looking for a way to grow/increase your fans and followers? Re-engage with your fans in between live streams? YOUR ‘Community Wall’ is like a pin board and allows you to do just that and more!

Like building friendships, building a community takes time, energy and a lotta love. Your Community Wall is how you can let your peeps know when you plan to do another live stream, post when you have something cool to share or get feedback.  

When you create new a post on your Community Wall all of your fans will be notified!  

HOW to use it:

It’s your wall and it’s up to you to create a relationship/to communicate with your crew. So here are the steps to building out your Community Wall.  

Step 1. Go to your Live Page & click ‘Community Wall’
Step 2. Select ‘New Post’
Step 3. Type: Normal Topic or Live Announcement
Step 4. Permission: All or Fans Only
Step 5. Attachment: Upload an image or video you want to share
Step 6. Comment: Share your thoughts, ask a question or leave a note
Step 7. Check ‘Post to Twitter’


Remember to make it eye catching you should post pictures, quotes, videos and more!