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hamalspica live Livestreaming ticket

This is livestream of hamalspica's( okapi and Kanae Uemura ) one man live, which is been 5 years since we had.
We have some options for this livestream, like downloadable video, please choose the option which you like.
If you choose No.2 or No.4 and our internet connection is not good at that day, we will provide you edited data.

Livestream on the day + Archive 2 weeks

Livestream on the day + Downloadable data (We will send the video data you in other day via email)

Special price ticket of Archive 2 weeks for the customer who joined our one man live at the venue

Ticket of Downloadable video data for the customer who joined our one man live at the venue


26. March 2023
at mint hall Yokohama
hamalspica one man livestart: 12:00  Players:
Acoustic Guitar: okapi
Piano: Kanae Uemura

Supporting members:
Cello: Takefumi Shirasa
Percussions: Kazuma Ogasawara


We hope you all to enjoy with us, even you cannot come to venue at that day!

You can watch this show in 2 weeks if you  missed this livestream. So please enjoy if you cannot come to the venue or cannot watch the show on time!
Please don't share the sound or video without permission.

Purchase Ticket

hamalspica live Livestreaming ticket 2,500 JPY
Livestreaming ticket with video data 4,000 JPY 4,000 円
Broadcasting ticket with Video data

4,000 JPY
We will send you a video data via email.
You can choose data size which you prefer.
Livestreaming ticket for vanue visiter 1,000 JPY Venue visiter only

This ticket is only for the customer who watched our show at venue.
If you want to watch our show again, please choose this ticket.
And also the customer who bought physical ticket but couldn’t join the show can buy this ticket.
Venue visiter only 2,500 JPY This ticket is only for the customer who bought physical ticket.
We will send you the video data via mail after the show.
You can choose data size which you prefer.

Note: You can watch the same Premier Live with any ticket

Note: You can purchase only one ticket

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