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Baroque and Modern Ensemble on-line

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Friday, July 9, 2021
at 19:00 (opens at 18:40)

* This is an archive distribution of the performance at Urayasu Concert Hall on Sunday, July 4th.

We play baroque music with original instruments,
modern and contemporary music with modern instruments.

in the first half: Baroque cello baroque viola and guitar
in the second half: ensemble by modern cello, guitar and piano,
and a modern cello solo.

You can listen to the sounds and works of musical instruments of each era at one concert.
Please enjoy !!

J.S.Bach: Violoncello Suite No. 2 (Baroque Cello)
G.P. Telemann, G.F. Händel (Baroque Trio)
H. Villa-Lobos: Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 (guitar & modern cello)
Kazuya Yoda: New work for modern cello (world premiere)
C.Debussy: Sonata for Voloncello and Piano (Piano & Modern Cello)

Aki Kitajima (Baroque cello, modern cello)
Yura Nakajima (Baroque Viola)
Takuya Okamoto (guitar)
Tetsuya Toei (piano)
Kazuya Yoda (composer)

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