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Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #9

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Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #9『Alone』& DUVIO

Cast: Yuichiro Goto (Violin)
Co-star: Kiyomi Sugiura (Violin)

The beginning of the year is the annual solo concert, and this year also begins with "Alone".

From classic and movie music to pops and other familiar songs to original songs, from unaccompanied violins to piano duos, to 4-rhythms to rhythm tracks and symphonic tracks, we deliver a wide range of songs and compositions, and the latter half is DUVIO. So, centering on the new song that was unveiled at the real concert last fall, we will play a song that is a novel arrangement of the melody that everyone knows.

Please listen to the TwitCasting Premier stream, which allows you to watch the recording when you are ready after the live stream!

(Yuichiro Goto official website "GOTSU.NET"

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