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Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #12

Shiki-Live @ GOTSU.NET Studio #12『DUVIO w/Cello』& The Movie

Cast: Yuichiro Goto (Violin) Kiyomi Sugiura (Violin)
Guest:Jun Nakamura (Cello)

The final delivery in 2022 will be Christmas Night, a unique string trio with cellist "Jun Nakamura", who will be appearing for the second time following last year!
While playing with DUVIO in the first half, we look back on the autumn real concert held on 10/30 with a digest video, and in the second half, we carefully select from songs covering all genres from pops to classical music accumulated in the past distribution.
The program will be colored with familiar songs such as movie music, standard numbers, and Western pop music, including new songs that were unveiled for the first time on this day, such as "The Holy Night by three strings".
Please listen to the unique harmony and ensemble of the string trio at TwitCasting Premier, which allows you to record and watch the ensemble even after the live stream.

(GSP Portal website / Yuichiro Goto official website "GOTSU.NET"

Organizer・GSP --Gotsu's Shiki-Oto Project -
Agency for Cultural Affairs "ARTS for the future! 2" Subsidized business

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Premier Live Ticket
11/26/2022 (Sat) 19:30 JST

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