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Sunday 2nd June,2024
start : 13:00
place:Tokyo Guest House Oji Music Lounge, Tokyo, Japan

Akane Utamura(Poet,Recititer)
Satoko Izumi(Soprano,Recititer)
Miki Ohtsu(Singer Song Writer)
furani(Singer Song Writer)

Akane Utamura, an award-winning poet and reciter who has been described by Takashi Yanase as having a "natural rhythm," and Miki Otsu, a singer-songwriter who was fascinated by Akane's works and has expressed her worldview through new music, will hold their first collaborative concert!
The performers will be soprano and reciter Satoko Izumi, who sings with her clear voice and versatile expressiveness, and singer-songwriter Furani, who is active in multiple fields, from production to arrangement and performance.

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