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ガチムチメタルファイヤー 百合色 Vol.15

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The 5th DRAGON主催
ガチムチメタルファイヤー 百合色 Vol.15 ~LOUD&THRASH&漢 fest.!!~
【出演】あー無いやペーパー(as Annihilator)
           屍(as VOLCANO)
           Anthzmex(as ANTHRAX)
           魔神ヘッド(as MACHINE HEAD)
           苅田芽屋(as METALLICA)
           lamb酒をちょgod(as lamb of god)          
【会場】大塚 Hearts Plus
【時間】2021.11/21 13:20~配信スタート
Venue: Otsuka Hearts Plus
Ticket Price: 1,500 yen
*Type your favorite performing band under the message column in the
form.  Leave it blank if none.
Date:  November 21th (Sun) 2021
Time:  13 : 20 p.m. (JST)
*Start time may be delayed due to streaming setup and for technical reasons.
*The performances can be viewed via on demand video streaming after the
gig unlimitedly for 14 days from December. 5.
*Please note tickets are non-refundable.
*How to Purchase Tickets
Access the online ticket reservation site (TwitCasting Live) and make a
A confirmation message will be sent to your registered e-mail account.
Access the TwiCasting Live URL ( ), login to
your registered account and access the live viewing page.

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ガチムチメタルファイヤー 百合色 Vol.15 1,500 JPY
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