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KaZZma sings Carlos Gardel (Tango)

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◆The best sound quality from the recording studio "STUDIO JOY" which has been producing excellent masterpieces!
◆Carlos gardel died suddenly in a plane crash in 1935, leaving behind many hit songs such as "Por una cabeza", "volver", "El dia que me quieras", etc. Even now, nearly 100 years later, there is no end to the number of people who visit his grave, and his works are loved and sung by many musicians.
◆Scheduled program
Volver / Mi buenos aires querido /El dia que me quieras / Soledad /
Volvio una noche /Cuesta abajo /Melodia de arrabal / etc.
Que nadie sepa mi sufrir / Alfonsina y el mar / Historia de un amor / etc.

◆KaZZma (Vocal)
Graduated from the Faculty of Music (Voice Major) at Ai University.
In 1998, she performed for the first time at the "Song Solo Recital.
He moved to Argentina and studied under the tango singer Carlos Gari.
He was selected by Ryota Komatsu, a world-famous bandoneon player, to perform in "Maria in Buenos Aires" by Astor Piazzolla. He made a strong impression. Currently, he is one of the leading Argentine tango singers in Asia, serving as a singer for prominent tango orchestras in Japan

◆Hiroki Fukui (Guitar)
◆Yu Shimizu (Guitaron)

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