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General perks

  • Perk #1

    Membership badges
    Membership badges

    Only members can place a badge
    next to their comment!

  • Perk #2

    Member's card
    Member's card

    A digital membership card
    exclusive to the members!

  • Perk #3

    App-only contents
    App-only contents

    Use special gifts and access
    members-only contents!

Exclusive Perks

  • Members-only stream
  • Member's card
    Member's card with original design
  • 録画公開
    1カ月間録画の公開をします(メンシプ+雑談+企画配信) ※企画配信の録画については通常のお茶爆のお礼と同じ内容になります。
  • グッズ

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