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May 18th「Ai-dentity project」

This Streaming will remain for 2weeks

*Recommended internet environment
For PC → optical line,Google Chrome is recommended browser
For smartphones and tablets → wifi (speed of 10 Mbps or more)


『Ai-dentity project』

 Key. ai ohnuma
 Ba. Noriaki Hosoya
 Dr. Tomoyoku Tanimoto
 Special guest Vln. Akihisa Tsuboy

【Date and time】 May 18th(JST)
Broadcast admission starts from 19:00(Please check the video and audio)
Live start 19:30-
*Because it is a live performance, it may change slightly. Please note.

【ticket】JPY 3,000
-Once purchased, you cannot cancel.
-You can watch archive until June 1th with one purchase.
(You can purchase after the day of delivery)

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May 18th「Ai-dentity project」 3,000 JPY
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