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TsuShiMaMiRe & Otoboke beaver @ Kyoto

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TsuShiMaMiRe Japan Tour 2022!!!

"Reiwa 4 nen TsuShiMaMiRe no Chin Tabi"
-LIVE IN GERMANY 2022 release tour-

2022.Dec 6
Kyoto TakuTaku

Otoboke beaver

Show will START at 18:30!!

These bands are two of the best Japanese girl rock bands ever!!
Come and witness their crazy energy!

Their songs are amazing and their performance will blow you away!

Don't miss it!!

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TsuShiMaMiRe & Otoboke beaver @ Kyoto 2,000 JPY
TsuShiMaMiRe & Otoboke Beaver UPGRADE 3,000 JPY TsuShiMaMiRe & Otoboke Beaver at Kyoto TakuTaku
This ticket include a tip for the band members.

And we will even send you a signed setlist from this show!! Very special!
TsuShiMaMiRe & Otoboke Beaver PREMIUM 4,000 JPY TsuShiMaMiRe and Otoboke Beaver are the strongest girl bands in the world.

Their show in Kyoto, Japan will be a very special night!

Don't miss it!!

This ticket includes buying a drink for each of the band members!! It's very sweet of you!!
We will also send you a signed setlist from this show and special signed photo.

We will be so happy!!

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