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Takuya Yamashita (2) @f:100000490166961
Born in 1969,from Japan,Kobe.He was interested in classical music in his early teens.
In his college and graduate days,he studied Mahler's symphonies and modern and contemporary classical music.

During the same period,he started to listen and compose techno music by my friend's influence.In those days he love English techno.

After college he moved to Sapporo.And he often started going to the club.So he started to listen and compose minimal style techno and Detroit techno.

Takuya made his debut release "Neptune" back in 2008 on the Dutch label Lifeworld. Next to that the artist made several releases on labels as Bass pressure and Espai music. Also notable to mention is that he became runner up at Ken Ishii's 15th anniversairy collaboration contest. and his techno track Daybreak went throw the ceiling in 2012 Beatport charts and was released on Outpost Recordings.
In 2013 Mirko Loko from Cadenza also discovered Takuya’s talent and remixed his most populair track “Daybreak” for a Cadenza release. Both the original and Mirko’s remixes of this Japanese star are widely supported and played by some of the biggest names in the world like Joris Voorn, Laurent Garnier, Shlomi Aber, Josh Wink, Reboot, Dubfire and more hot shots in the electronic scene.

His tracks is supported by Funk D'void,Laurent Garnier、DJ Rolando,Carl Cox,Vince Watson,Tom Middleton、Claude Young,Fabrice Lig ,Chymera etc.

He appears to be a gifted multi talented artist and composes various styles of music by various artist names

Takuya Yamashita : Detroit style techno
Censor : Hard & Dark minimal techno
Ludus tonalis :Free style erectronic music
Minstrel T.Y : Classisal music and instrumental except techno

I have composed under the influence of Detroit Techno by the named 'Takuya Yamashita'.

I have composed hard minimal by the named 'censor'.

I have composed click & electronica by the named 'Ludus tonalis'



I have composed classical & listening music by the named 'Minstrel'



Takuya Yamashita (Cadenza / Outpost / Different10)

2008年以降国内外の複数レーベルからアルバム、シングル、リミックスをリリース。 その楽曲はLaurent Garnier、Funk D'void、Carl Cox、DJ Rolando、Tom Middleton、Orlando Voorn、Dan Curtin、Thomas Schumacher、Mirko Loko、Claude Young、Shlomi Aber、Ken Ishii、Marc Romboy、Chymera、Joris Voorn、Fabrice Lig等からも高い評価を受けている。
2009年Ken Ishiiデビュー15周年記念コラボコンテスト ダンス・カテゴリーにて優秀賞を受賞。
2012年にFunk D'voidのOutpost recordingsよりリリースした「Daybreak/Mars EP」はLaurent Garnierのラジオ番組で紹介、DJ Rolandoのチャートに入るなど、内外のクラブシーンに大きく広がりをみせ、2013年4月にはOutpostより2枚目の「Betelgeuse EP」をリリース。2013年10月にはDaybreakがMirko Lokoのremix3曲を加えたシングルとして、日本人としては初めてLucianoのCadenza Musicよりライセンスリリースされ、Cadenza podcast「Source to Cycle」にもライブセットを提供しさらに大きな反響を呼んでいる。
2013年末からLiveも再開し、大阪、東京でのキーボード生弾きも駆使したLive Setは高評価を得ている。
2014年はJuan Atkinsとの共作Game Onで知られるデトロイト系ベテランプロデューサーのOrlando Voorn主宰のNight Vision Recordsとリリース契約を結び、現在新作を準備中。


[Takuya Yamashita] デトロイトテクノ
[Censor] ハードミニマル
[Ludus tonalis]エレクトロニカ