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I like to drink things that are blue colored.. And...I like turtles.  JS

║(o)║ Music is my LIFE


I love love love MUSIC. Of all sorts.  Its like 80% of me.  Love indie-films, art, books, traveling to warm exotic locations, dancing, eating organically, dancing, violent sports like boxing, martial arts etc.. love cars, kung fu films,anything ridiculously cute(Kawaii). I go gaga over puppies and cute chubby babies.  

I am a silly girl, who takes very little seriously.  I rarely get along with judgmental, ultra conservatives who have sticks shoved up their asses.  Im a free spirit with a moral head on her shoulders.  I am not afraid to say whats on my mind, especially the truth.  I am easily amused, so practically anything can make me laugh.  I do not mesh well with those who fail to find Austin Powers funny.  I write poetry in ridiculous amounts for it is my emotional outlet.  I am obsessed with Blues, Japan, K-dramas, vinyl, second life, hot Asian bois, fashion, lipgloss, anything and everything coconut, boba tea, city and beach life, cupcakes, rainbows, and moose's, alpaca's, prayer, costume jewelry, my nieces and nephews and my besties.

I am a self taught kinda girl.  Taught myself how to drive, play piano, and mostly everything and anything I know how to do.  If there is something I want or have to learn, I usually always learn it with little or no help. Life has not been easy for me, but it has made me strong and independent.  Im very keen to bullshit and very outspoken.  I believe the honesty you were taught to posses as a child should be utilized as an adult and not seen as rude.  I have the fear of God in me, which has kept me, for the most part, on the straight and narrow path.  I have made a lot of mistakes, but I am happy I have yet to make any life altering booboo' far.

I hate money.  I hate what it does to people who have too much, or not enough of it.  I hate war, and it is never justified and always murder.  Im the type who only needs to learn a lesson once, and often I learn from other peoples experiences.  I am deeply annoyed by unoriginal people.  I am also annoyed by people who try to put me in a box.  You cant.  Its nearly impossible.  So dont try.  My name is Lenora.  I am a human being, who happens to also be female and Black. A Black Female is not who I am.  Please do not objectify, categorize or stereo-type me.  Please keep your opinions  on how I speak, the races I choose to date, or what I wear to yourself.  If you have a problem with it, take it up with GOD, for he is my maker. I am not some bible thumping, Jesus freak, but if you purposely disrespect my beliefs, I will not hesitate to backhand you, then quickly pray for forgiveness.  ^^ I am not easily offended, unless blatant hatred and stupidity are involved.  I dont hate anyone in this world, regardless of their wrong doings.  I often wish I were more sensitive to peoples feelings.  Im a tough shell to crack, and sometimes have difficulty comprehending the sensitive feelings of others. Im one of the nicest people you will ever meet, but can be pretty cutthroat when I need too.  I never half-ass my friendships, but if you half-ass mine, I'll cut you loose.  I will fight to the death for all the ones I love.  If you wanna know more, jus gotta ask!  Like let's be friends umkay?!!