How to stream on PC with streaming software

Things you need for using streaming software

● PC
●Streaming software (Xsplit, OBS, etc.)

※ If you are streaming games on PS4 or Switch, please use a capture card. (Reference: External Site)
※ The recommended specifications for PC depend on the distribution tool and settings. If you are not using a capture card, a certain level of specifications is required.

Settings on the Distribution Tool Side (Recommended Values)

Click here for recommended settings for tool distribution

※ The comfortable streaming settings depend on your environment. Please be aware in advance.
※ We have received multiple reports of issues from users of OBS.
There may be issues with recording due to incorrect video data format, so if problems occur frequently, please try using other tools.

Streaming Procedure

1. Log in to TwitCasting and open the "PC Distribution" screen.

2. Select the button on the streaming screen.

3. Enter the URL (starting with rtmp://) written on the PC distribution screen into the (RTMP) URL field of the distribution tool.

4. Enter the Stream Name written on the PC distribution screen into the distribution tool.

5. Set categories, hashtags, streaming captions, and broadcast start messages as needed.

6. When you start the broadcast on the distribution tool side, the broadcast will start on TwitCasting.

Also, please see here for how to stream and configure with OBS

※ Streaming cannot be done if the Stream Name is not entered correctly.
Since uppercase and lowercase letters are distinguished, please enter them by copy & paste as much as possible. Also, be careful not to input unnecessary spaces, etc.
※ Information on the start/end/error of the broadcast can be confirmed via push notification from the app (notifications are received only by the broadcaster).
To receive notifications, please log in to TwitCasting Viewer.

About the Automatic Reconnection Feature of the Distribution Tool

If the attempt to restart the broadcast with automatic reconnection fails, disconnect the connection of the distribution tool, wait a while, and then try again.