1. Games streaming


- Allows you to stream your screen on your smartphone easily.
- You can stream smartphone games without a PC.
- During the stream, you can see comments from viewers on the control bar.

2. How to stream (Android app)

■Supported OS/devices

・Android OS 8.0 or later
・TwitCasting app: ver 5.031 or later

Start streaming

1. Tap "LIVE" button on the upper right corner.

2. Tap "GAMES" at the top of the screen.
3. Tap the circular button at the bottom.

4. Tap "Start Now."
5. Tap "Go Live" to start screen streaming with the app you want to stream.

3. How to stream (Android Live App)

■ Supported Devices

・Android OS: 5.0 or later
・TwitCasting Live: ver 4.301 or later

If you are using iOS, click here.

Start streaming

1. Launch TwitCasting Live and open "Settings."
2. Set the "Category" or "Group" related to your livestream.
3. Open the "Streaming Mode Settings" screen.
4. Tap "Screen Streaming."
※If you are using Android 5.X, skip steps 5. and ⑥ and proceed to step ⑦.
5. Allow the permission for "Overlay other apps on top."
6. Allow the permission and return to TwitCasting Live.
7. Tap "Start Now" to go to the streaming screen.
8. Tap "Go Live" to start screen streaming with the app you want to stream.

To stop the stream, tap "Stop Live" on the bar or press the power button to turn off the screen.


- When the bar is hidden, comments will be displayed at the top if they are received.
- During the livestream, notifications from other apps will also be displayed. It is recommended to turn off notifications for apps such as Twitter DM, LINE, and Facebook Messenger in the device's settings before starting the stream.
- If you have allowed the permission to "Overlay other apps" on Sony or Samsung devices but are asked again for permission, please turn off blue light filters, viewing protection modes, or any related apps.


Check out Help Page for other questions