Live Streaming

■iOS Live App v5.000 and above

■Android Viewer app v5.031 or higher

■ iOS Live App v4.702 or lower, Android Live App

Streaming Durations

As a default, the live streaming can no longer go for more than 30 minutes.   However, if you collect one of the items, 5 continuing coins, stream will continue for up to 4 hours. Even if you end in 30 min., you can immediately re-start the stream by pressing the "Live" button again.

Radio stream

Use "Radio mode” to stream audio only. Photos and other images can be displayed during the audio streaming.

Screen stream

  • Supported OS: iOS11 or later

If you want to steam your smartphone screen as it is, change the mode to "Screen stream”. Up to 8 hours continuously without the need for continuing coins. For video qulality, “Ultra HQ" can be selected only when connected to WiFi. For details, please refer to [iOS] [iOS] Screen stream Help.

Image/Sound Quality Priority Mode

Select "High Quality" when you have enough bandwidth stream with better video quality.

Collabo stream

Collabo allows other users to join your stream and talk. You can turn it on/off while streaming.


Category represents what your stream is about. It also makes it easier for the viewers to find the videos they are interested in. We hope you will make use of this feature.

Voice and Media Settings

BGM can be set to the stream from the "BGM Settings". Voice effects such as echo are only available on the iOS TwitCasting Live app.



TwitCasting uses the first image when you start a live as the thumbnail. You can also set an image as a thumbnail from "Live Settings > EDIT THUBMNAIL. the live starts and the image displayed on the screen. *For the apps version 4.702 or lower, you may not be able to set the image before the start of the live.

Checking audio

You can check if the audio is being streamed by looking at the audio indicator in the middle.
If the audio delivery stops, try muting the audio once and then unmuting it.


On TwitCasting, the URL for the stream is fixed as username).
Post the URL to announce your stream.

Tweeting omments

If you are using TwitCasting with your Twitter account, or if you are using TwitCasting with your cassing account and have linked it to Twitter, you can post comments to Twitter.
You can choose whether or not to post to Twitter each time.

Anonymous Comments

If you wish to allow viewers to send anonymous comments, please go to your account menu > Live Settings and turn on "Allow Anonymous Comments".
You can toggle anonymous comments ON/OFF at any time during a live event.

Publishing video

If a live is unexpectedly ended due to the network disconnection or other reasons, the live is saved as a video which you can publish later if you wish. To "publish" or "delete" a video, go to My Page > Archives.

Streaming on slow network

You can still stream even if you are on slow network, as long as the network is stable. (The PC version is designed assuming a stable and fast network, so it is not suitable for streaming on a slow network.)

Push notifications

If you have “TwitCasting Viewer" on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad or “TwitCasting” on Android device, you can receive notifications the moment a streamer you support or have registered for notifications starts a live stream.

You can set the time when the sound is allowed to sound, so the live-streaming user can start the live-streaming without worrying about the time.
You can check how many people will receive push notifications for your live broadcast on "My Page".

Notifications will be sent when the streamer's comment is posted after the live has started. It will not be sent to any stream for which a password has been set.
Please note that in order to avoid receiving a large number of push notifications, notifications will not be sent when a live stream is resumed within 30 minutes of the last push notification, for example, when a series of live streams are being broadcasted.

Background streaming

If you exit the application during a live stream, the stream can continue in the background.

To enable background streaming, go to the Settings > "Enable Background Streaming".


Streaming in general consumes quite a bit of battery power. However, if you have a standardized power cable connected, you can stream while recharging the battery. (If the charging speed cannot keep up, the power supply may be lower than the standard.)

To conserve battery power, reduce screen brightness, turn Bluetooth and WiFi off if you are using a mobile network.

Video storage period

When you finish the stream, you can “Publish” the video, “Publish later” or “Delete” the video.

Videos that aren’t saved will be deleted after two weeks. It will not be deleted if you set the title or more than 6 people (if the same person has viewed the recording multiple times, it is counted as one person) have viewed the published video.

The message you send at the beginning of the stream is not the title of the video, so if you do not want the video to be deleted, please be sure to set the title of the video.

Other Notes/Tips

Data usage

Streaming high quality video requires a large amount of data transmission. If you are not charged a flat rate for data usage, please be careful, especially when using TwitCasting from outside your country.

Account Suspension and Restrictions

TwitCasting reserves the right to suspend accounts that violate our Terms of Service to maintain decency in the community. Once an account is suspended, it cannot be restored regardless of the circumstances.

In particular, streams containing sexually explicit content (including streams that exposes the user's private parts even for a moment, distribution that continuously exposes the user's private parts regardless of whether the user is clothed or not, distribution of the upper body while completely naked, etc., and distribution that leads to obscene sites) will be deemed to constitute obscene distribution, and the account will be immediately suspended.

Changing Account ID

If you change your account ID on Twitter and login on TwitCasting, the account ID will be updated.URLs of video on your social media may not work.

The old account name can be deleted from the "Account Menu" after logging in with the new account. Please note that your old account will be deleted automatically when another user acquires vacant account on Twitter and logs in on TwitCasting.

Also it is not possible to merge your level and live history with other accounts.

Popular Lives

We do not display all of the live streams on the top page of TwitCasting, and the system will adjust the orders of streams.


About Terms of Service

Please make sure to take a look at the Terms of Service and Community Guideline.

About the Streaming Location

At TwitCasting, we kindly ask you to refrain from using it in a way that goes against public order and morality or causes inconvenience to others. Please be considerate when streaming in prohibited areas or places that require permission, and also when it comes to live streaming involving copyrights, such as karaoke.

About Usage While Driving

We have many users who use TwitCasting while driving, but for legal and safety reasons, we kindly request that you refrain from looking at the screen while driving.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact us.