Redeemable items

In Live revenue, activities like using items and watching archived videos can earn you Dangos. Among them, Redeemable Items (Tea Burst 50/100/500, Membership-exclusive items) are explained on this page.

Redeemable items:

  • Can be used by streamers only if they have 1 or more paid points or have set up auto-charge.
  • Provide more points compared to non-eligible items.
  • Are subject to thanks from the streamer.


How to Use Redeemable Items

During live stream, Redeemable Items (Tea Burst 50/100/500, Membership-exclusive items) will be displayed.

  • Available for streamers who have enabled live revenue.
  • Tea Burst 500 is visible in the item list only if the streamer has set it as a custom item and if Auto-Charge is enabled.
  • Membership-exclusive items are visible only if the user has joined the membership.
  • Once an item is used, it cannot be canceled.

Using Redeemable Items for Recordings

  • If you use Redeemable Items during a public recording, the item effects will be displayed approximately 1 minute after the start of the next stream. Item comments will not be displayed.
  • If item comments are set, only the streamer can see them.
  • If Redeemable Items are used in a group stream recording, the effects will be displayed approximately 1 minute after the start of the next stream in the same group.
  • Redeemable Items cannot be used in private stream.
  • If a used item is deleted from the item history after being used in a public recording, the effects will not be displayed in the next stream.

Using Items Anonymously

If you want to use items anonymously, turn on "Make Anonymous to Everyone Except the streamer" on PC or "Anonymous" on the app.

When using items anonymously:

  • Viewers won't know who used the item (can be visible to streamer).
  • Points from anonymously used items are not included in the support ranking score.
  • You can still receive "thanks."

※ Items sent anonymously before September 13, 2021 (Monday) will remain anonymous to the streamer.

Checking Thank You Messages

Only Redeemable Items set by the streamer can be received as thanks. Whether to send thanks is up to the streamer.
App: [My Page] > [Thanks List]
Browser (PC): Hover over the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen > [Thanks] in the menu
Browser (Smartphone): Tap the "three" in the upper-left corner > [Thanks] under the "Live List" menu item

You will receive notifications in TwitCasting's notification area (and push notifications if set) when thanks are received from the streamer.

Checking Paid Points Balance

You can check your balance in [My Page] > [Account Menu] > [Purchase History]. If you have never purchased paid points, only free points will be displayed.
Paid points will be deducted from your balance if you have them.

Auto-Charge Feature

Auto-Charge automatically charges the necessary points from your credit card when there aren't enough points for using Redeemable Items. You can set a monthly spending limit to prevent excessive usage. Enabling Auto-Charge also allows the use of Tea Burst 500.

You can set this up in [My Page] > [Account Menu] > [Account] tab > [Auto-Charge Settings]. (Learn more about using and setting up Auto-Charge)

Frequently Asked Questions

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