Help - Sending Items

Sending Items


On TwitCasting, you (viewers) can send items to the live owner (broadcaster). To send items, you need to login to the TwitCasting.

Once you send item to the live owner, you will be listed in the "backers" of him or her.

Your items and comments will be shared on the live screen and may have an animation effect.

* Note that live owner can't "back" him/herself.
* Note that the live owner can turn of the "items" feature on your account menu.

The items have an special effect (MPs) to entertain the live, such as contributing to the ranking and/or extending the live over 30 min limitation.

Each items have their MP value and effective period. The expired items lose MP value. You can check which item have how much MPs by checking the page you will see when you send items.

To send items, you need to have your "points" or "dollars". You can not send items that requires more points or dollars than you have.

When you send items, your points or dollars will be consumed as indicated on the "send item" page.


About points and dollars


You need to login to use/get points or dollars. You will see your points/dollars at the header of TwitCasting page.

The points will be automatically charged up to 100pt, 24hours after you've used your points.

You can also get bonus points when your backs get a new level.

And you can purchase your points or dollars. Please check the price of the points/dollars on the "charge" window. We accept PayPal account (credit card) on PC, iTunes Store on iPhone and Google Checkout on Android.


About Level and backers


The live owners have their "level". They will get a new level when they had enough viewers multiplied by watch time (accumulated value). The level will starts from 1, up to 50.

* Note that after your live, you need to wait a couple of minuites before you get a new level.

When you send an item to the live owner, you will be the "backers" of him/her as well as adding him/her in your "backs" list.

* Note that you can quit backer at any time.

When your backs get a new level, you will have a present point. The amount of the bonus point depends on the new level of the live onwer and your rank among the backers.


About Continue Coin


The live owners can extend their live by collecting the "Continue Coin" from the viewers. The necessary number of coins to extend the live is indicated at the bottom of their live window.

When live owners have extended their live, the coins will be automatically consumed.

* The maximum length that the live owner can continue their live is up to 4 hours.
* We will be under maintenance on 18:00-18:30 PST every Tuesday. You can not continue live during the maintenance.
* If you don't want to consume continue coins, please stop your live at the time when you get a limit time on your live.