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Kamakura A Cappella Summit the 7th

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The 7th Kamakura A Capella Summit

We deliver harmony that moves the heart from Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan.

Kamakura is one of Japan's representative ancient capitals along with Kyoto.
It is also famous for the place where samurai established the shogunate in the Kamakura period.
Kamakura is such a special place where Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, and Christian churches work in unison.
It is precisely because Kamakura is such a place that a cappella music should resonate in the heart.
We would like to spread the charm of a cappella from Kamakura to the world.

12 groups selected through preliminary screening will perform in a competition format.
Five groups will be selected by the audience to perform on the stage in the second part.
The best of Japan's amateur acappellars will perform from the special location of Kamakura Palace.

First show started at 11:00(Japan time)
The Second show  at 14:00

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Kamakura A Cappella Summit the 7th 1,000 JPY