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KIT 02 SHOYA vs. KENYA【Advance Ticket】

■ Event Name

■ Live Streaming Date
Feb. 28th 2:00PM JST
You can watch archive until March 14th 11:59PM JST

■ Price【Advance Ticket】
It will be on sale until Saturday, February 27th.

■ Fight cards
You can check by Official site.

■ Messages for your support players
Please enter a message of support for your favorite player in "Message" at the time of purchase. We'll tell each player.

■ Notes
◆ The match card may be changed or postponed due to sudden illness or injury of the player.
◆ Recording and recording of distribution contents, posting and reprinting on video sites and SNS, etc. are prohibited.
◆ If you watch the video from the middle of the live stream, you cannot rewind and play it.
◆ Delivery may be temporarily interrupted due to troubles such as internet connection. Please note that you can watch the recording without delay.
◆ Please note that we cannot provide individual or refund for troubles such as not being able to watch or watch due to the customer's environment.
◆ No refunds will be given even if you do not watch the stream.

■ Organizer

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KIT 02 SHOYA vs. KENYA【Advance Ticket】 3,000 JPY
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KIT 02 SHOYA vs. KENYA【Same-Day Ticket】 3,500 JPY ■ Same-Day Ticket
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