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f:Meri Reese

Hi! I'm Tommo from minecraft :3 I'm #minecrafter and #directioner :3 (P.s.- speak english, russian and spanish)

Haylee Brown

I love One Direction!!! #Directionerforlife I also like playing Mario Cart (It's awesome don't judge me!!!!) :D I'm CrAzY!!!!



oya oya | 🐯🖤💛

f:Chloe Louis Harry Tregeagle

f:Olivia Kane Styles

i have two cats i love them...my bff is Emily Miller....I <3 THAT GURLY!!!! she the best. as u can see.

stupid mind

I'm an awkward person

Alex Santos.


Hey! Follow me cuz im nice..most of the time:)

f:Rima Oikawa

Meagan landreneau

i may change how i look ,but the one thing i absolutly will not change, is how i act to the people i care about ~~Delcambre, Louisiana

f:Rafaella Luzitano

f:Kawane Vitória


Jasmine Hilley 101

Aaron Zabriskie

my name is aaron zabriskie Instagram zabriskie19 Snapchat zabriskie19 @dre_almaraz Is My Bestfriend

Alice Bate

I know a thing about a thing or two x

Amaya stigler

B.O.B #OoKillEm Thats My Baby

f:Kyle Adrian Velasco Sarcia

☼nakeeta☼pls luke?

☯what's an “ashton irwin” and where can i buy one?☯

raven dream herbert

Julie Furtado

IG @thischickkcrayyxx3

everyones a cunt

BVB Army ~4/11/14 Sandra tweeted me~ ✖️ALEX TWEETED ME 5/18/14✖️ #betcherina


Nicole Londo

Be who you want to be.

Nicolette Nelson

Sometimes the quite ones surprise you! Nicolette Nelson Love and kisses kbye!