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-Hoping for a brighter day-vol.1

The Guzmania 3 month event vol.1 2021/1/27(Wed.)「2021 First LIVE-Hoping for a brighter day-」will be a broadcast live from Shinjuku Fate.

※This broadcast may only be available for customers who purchased the ticket.(The broadcast will be available for viewing 2 weeks from Jan.27th)

Broadcast ticket price: 3,000yen

■Precautions with purchasing

・After proceeding to “Confirm purchase and pay” screen, please proceed to “purchase completed” or  “purchase reservation completed” within 45 minutes, or the purchase will be canceled. You cannot cancel after “purchase completed” or “purchase reservation completed”.

・Due to the spec of the Castmarket, you cannot cancel the purchse after confirmation.
Please note that we cannot guarantee the refund for any other technical difficulties.

For further information please access the link below.

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-Hoping for a brighter day-vol.1 3,000 JPY
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