TwitCasting Stats: Ashten Ren, a TwitCaster since November 2014, now at Level 28.
She is half British & half Irish, from Limerick, Ireland.  After years in Australia, she now lives in the US.

Ashten says that TwitCasting has changed her life. The support she gets from the TwitCasting community gives her a sense of security and raises her self-esteem.  She really enjoys her conversations with her viewers and how her fans and followers show her loads of positivity, even when she’s sick.

Ashten has tapped into her strength through her experiences on TwitCasting, “I'm not one of those types of people who can handle criticism very well and it's helped me so much.”

Standing up for the LGBT community is a passion of hers and we applaud that!

When she isn’t TwitCasting Ashten can be found writing a new song, playing the guitar or adding chapters to the story she is currently working on!  What a talent!

She enjoys live streaming, communicating with people from around the world and sharing her voice!

One of Ashten’s dreams for the future is to start a fund to help pay college tuition for orphans and children in foster care. What a heart!  

We are proud to call her a TwitCaster!

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Spotlight on...

WHAT to do with your ‘Community Wall’, HOW to do it and WHY you want to!

WHAT is a Community Wall?

A Community Wall is a designated place on your personal page for you to build your own community of TwitCasters.

Are you looking for a way to grow/increase your fans and followers? Re-engage with your fans in between live streams? YOUR ‘Community Wall’ is like a pin board and allows you to do just that and more!

Like building friendships, building a community takes time, energy and a lotta love. Your Community Wall is how you can let your peeps know when you plan to do another live stream, post when you have something cool to share or get feedback.  

When you create new a post on your Community Wall all of your fans will be notified!  

HOW to use it:

It’s your wall and it’s up to you to create a relationship/to communicate with your crew. So here are the steps to building out your Community Wall.  

Step 1. Go to your Live Page & click ‘Community Wall’
Step 2. Select ‘New Post’
Step 3. Type: Normal Topic or Live Announcement
Step 4. Permission: All or Fans Only
Step 5. Attachment: Upload an image or video you want to share
Step 6. Comment: Share your thoughts, ask a question or leave a note
Step 7. Check ‘Post to Twitter’


Remember to make it eye catching you should post pictures, quotes, videos and more!

How to Customize your TwitCasting Page

How to Customize your TwitCasting Page


What does your TwitCasting page say about YOU!

Are you a musician, dancer or gamer perhaps? Or perhaps you like to just chat with your friends...Personalize your page to suit your interests and style. Let your page reflect who you are and leave a lasting impression for your friends, fans and followers.

Steps to customizing your page:

Go to “Account Menu”
Scroll down to Design Settings
Choose file
You can add the following:
Add a Banner, Live Title, Live Description and Color

The account has to be a Twitter connect account
The account must have been broadcast from at least once
The account has to be clean with no ban counts
It must be an active account ie; tweeting, following, followed.

Note: Anyone who has a TwitCasting account through Facebook connect or an Original TwitCasting account aka: Cas does not currently have ‘Design Setting’ privileges. This feature may be available in the near future.



How to ‘Embed’ your live stream!

What does it mean to ‘Embed’ your live stream? In order to insert your TwitCasting video into your website you will need to have a special link. This link is the html code for live videos. All you have to do is copy and paste this code in order to install it into the platform of your choice. Below we take you through where to find the Embed codes on TwitCasting so that you can easily use the link.

Note: You have to access from your browser to find the ‘Embed’ code.

Other words that also mean ‘Embed’ - insert, inlay, install etc.

Your ‘Embed’ options:

1. Embed a LIVE STREAM
2. Embed a SAVED LIVE from your LIVE HISTORY
3. Embed another broadcasters LIVE

1. Embed a LIVE STREAM: Go to your "Live" page and click on ‘Embed’. You will find the ‘Embed’ options at the bottom of the broadcast screen.

Once you click ‘Embed’ the following options will appear

Default = Small
These options represent the size that the video will appear when embedded.

Then you will have the option to select one of the following from the drop down menu:

Standard (Select this for most cases)
Auto Play with MUTE ON
Auto Play (note: Sound auto played)

(Standard means the playback starts when the play button is clicked).

Select the one you want. Copy and paste the code into your desired platform.

2. Embed a SAVED LIVE from your LIVE HISTORY: If you want to ‘Embed’ a Saved Live, go to your ‘Live History’, select a video and click ‘Embed’. The same options ‘Default, Medium and Large’ will appear.

3. Embed another broadcasters LIVE: To ‘Embed’ another broadcasters live stream, go to their live stream and do the same.

The embedded live can be played from PC, iOS or Android. However, the ‘Embed’ feature is accessible from your desktop.

For further information email



This week’s Spotlight is on Collabo!

Collabo literally means COLLABORATIVE broadcast and is a super fun and easy way to share your broadcast screen with friends and followers & for viewers to join in the fun of sharing the screen with YOU! Multiple viewers (up to 5) can join a broadcaster in a single live stream using “Collabo” mode. Available on iOS, Android and PC.

Broadcasters: All you have to do is open TwitCasting Live on iOS, Android or Desktop.

Step 1. Click on the camera icon on the bottom left hand side of your screen
Step 2. Scroll down and select ‘Collabo 6’ or ‘Collabo duo’
Step 3: Go live from your device
Step 4. Accept a Collabo request from a Viewer & share your screen!
Bingo! You’re Live!

Viewers: Open TwitCasting Viewer on iOS, Android or Desktop.

Step 1. View the live broadcast
Step 2. Click on the phone icon at the bottom of the broadcasters screen & join the live stream!

Tweet us @twitcastinglive and let us know what you think the coolest thing about #Collabo is.