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Pop duo Layla Lane just celebrated their first TwitCasting anniversary and they have captured our attention!  During the last year, they have done more than 70 broadcasts and built up an audience of more than 530 fans and 1,048 subscribers!  We love their music and we LOVE this duo!!!

Duo members Heday and Valerie have been delivering a unique brand of dueling piano and guitar revelry since they connected in 2009. Guitarist Heday is a Japanese native who honed his skills collaborating with Jerry Lee Lewis and the Beatles' Ringo Starr;  Los Angeles-born pianist Valerie Stern has performed with members of the L.A. Philharmonic, and is a music professor at two colleges.    

Both Valerie and Heday enjoy TwitCasting and look forward to their regular Friday broadcast.. Valerie says: “I love that viewers can tune in to a TwitCast from anywhere... People love live music, but it's not easy for everyone to go out and see it. It's especially gratifying when viewers who are going through rough times let us know how much our show lifted their spirits or inspired them. That is why we do this!”

“TwitCasting has been a great way to reach people all around the world. We live and work in Los Angeles... but our broadcasts remind us that the world is so much bigger. The interactive aspect of TwitCasting makes it a very organic way to access this; our viewers may speak different languages, but they are all real people with real opinions and real curiosities.”

When they are not TwitCasting, Valerie and Heday are full-time musicians!They play live shows often in the LA area, write and produce music. And when they are not playing music, you may find Valerie hiking in the LA hills.

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