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Bluegrass singer and songwriter Carl Towns started TwitCasting more than a year ago, when he was looking for a way to connect and chat with his fans from his home in Georgia. He chose TwitCasting because he thought it made it easy to broadcast and even easier for his fans to view!  He’s now done more than 75 lives, is at level 19 and does a regular cast of bluegrass and gospel music every Wednesday, as well as impromptu casts in-between. We caught one of his shows recently and loved it!

“I usually use TwitCast to just hang out and play and sing the music I love” says Carl. “My favorite part of TwitCasting is the ability to connect with people around the world who might not otherwise hear the music I play...I can come in and learn the culture and the language and make friends all over the world.”

As a result of his TwitCasting, Carl believes that he has  “...gained fans and better access to those who are interested in what I do. I can sit at home, or take my phone with me to a show and let those who couldn't otherwise join me ... watch and join in. I enjoy chatting with those who come to watch and I explain that I am TwitCasting around the world.”

Actually, our Carl is one busy guy - in addition to his music, he is also a minister and a farmer.  And in his spare time, Carl loves spending time on Facebook, watching movies and playing games - anything from video to tabletop role playing games.  

Tune in Wednesdays for some good bluegrass and show this great guy some love! Fan, subscribe and follow him everywhere you can!

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