How to Customize your TwitCasting Page

How to Customize your TwitCasting Page


What does your TwitCasting page say about YOU!

Are you a musician, dancer or gamer perhaps? Or perhaps you like to just chat with your friends...Personalize your page to suit your interests and style. Let your page reflect who you are and leave a lasting impression for your friends, fans and followers.

Steps to customizing your page:

Go to “Account Menu”
Scroll down to Design Settings
Choose file
You can add the following:
Add a Banner, Live Title, Live Description and Color

The account has to be a Twitter connect account
The account must have been broadcast from at least once
The account has to be clean with no ban counts
It must be an active account ie; tweeting, following, followed.

Note: Anyone who has a TwitCasting account through Facebook connect or an Original TwitCasting account aka: Cas does not currently have ‘Design Setting’ privileges. This feature may be available in the near future.