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An on-line game music concert is held in Hirosaki-shi, Aomori. Japanese game music which is domestic and abroad and takes pride in its enormous popularity and influence. Charm Aomori is sent on-line for the world. Mr. Kenji Ito who deals with composition of the popular title of the "romancing  Saga" "St. sword legend" series in a special guest and learns about a nickname of "Ito Ken", Mr. Tsutomu Narita who did composition charge for "Grand blue fantasy" and arrangement charge for "tera battle" and Mr. Sano electromagnetism who produced music of "Ridgeracer" "fist" etc.. Mr. Shinobu Osawa of Mr. ta for Sato who is Tsugaru pipe player from localness, Mr. Akira Sato, the Tsugaru Shamisen player and a total tambour, and "a drum (technique) is too wonderful", please, Mr. YURU character NYANGOSU TA who knows participates.

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