About Locked Account

We may disable your account due to the violation of our terms of service.

Terms of Service

Examples of violations.

- Offensive comments
- Offensive actions to other users
- Sexual or explicit contents
- Violation of others' rights
- Other violations such has disturbing the TwitCasting service.

Period of suspension

We disable the users account either 7days, 30days or indefinitely depending on the extent, repetitiveness of violation of our temrs of service.

We will also disable all the accounts that are related to the user. If the user tries to re-create a new account, we regard the action as a disturbance of our service and disable all of the users accounts forever.

Once the user get a disabled account whose period is indefinite, we refuse the user to use our service indefinitely. All the access from you, your PC and your mobile devices are monitored and accounts will be immediately disabled.

Sexual or explicit contents

If the user broadcast sexual or explicit contents, we disable the user's account indefinitely regardless of the user's past manner.

We also disable the viewer's account if they had any action to assist the improper live.

About Accounts

Once user's accounts are disabled, we will lock them to preserve as the evidence.

About Auto-disabled Account

In TwitCasting, some of the accounts are disabled automatically.

User may automatically disabled the account by other users' spam reports. If this happens the period will be one day or so (depending on user's history) so please be patient until your account is enabled.

Reason to disable your account

We do not respond to any inquiries about account suspension.

Thanks for your understanding.