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Let’s see. Where do I begin?
1.    I am a happy go lucky guy.
2.    I love to meet new people
3.    I love learning new things.
4.    I give to charity when I can. Sometimes I don’t have that much and still will drop a quarter in the pot.
5.    I learn quickly
6.    I am not afraid to help people learn how to help me if I need it.
7.    I’ve only had 2 real girlfriends all the rest only wanted me for my money or sex. And I want someone who would not take advantage of me like that.
8.    I used to have a real true love, her name is Christina, and she left me for one of my best friends. And it drove me down so low, that I’ve tried to kill myself over her just glad it didn’t work. But i don’t wish nothing bad ot happen to my friend Marty, he just got my girl that’s all and I lost. Like always I lost.
9.    I drink to hide the pain of being both lonely and blind. Many say there isn’t any, and it’s not good to drink, but there is when you’re surrounded by sighted people only and they don’t understand you and dohn’t want to try to.
10.    I am deathly afraid of Buzzers, like long deep ones. So I have a hard time watching Hockey or Basket ball. All thanks to one school. The Mellette Learning Center.
11.    11. I think women run away from me because they don’t understand that I to am a person and can do allot of the same as they can being sighted.
12.     I wrote my first song for a girl named Megan Theel. Who I do miss a bunch.
13.     I love to make music with my instruments and sing, and even write poems.
14.    I love teaching people about my blindness.
15.    I love children. I think that children are wonderful and wish I had kids of my own.
16.    My favorite aunts are Aunt Brenda, and Aunt Cindy.
17.    My favorite uncles are Uncle Cole, and Uncle Glenn
18.     My favorite sister is Katie. She is like the only one who cares about me all the rest of my sisters doesn’t pay attention to me.
19.    My favorite niece is Aliyah Carol.
20.    My favorite cousins are Jimmy and Joey
21.     My favorite food is Sea Food.
22.    My favorite place to go is up north.
23.    My favorite musical tastes are, Country, Classic Rock, Soft Rock, and classic pop and some of today’s hits.
24.    My favorite memory is one of my grandma
25.    My best friends are, @ Louise Keel, @Brian Hartgen, @Valerie Lozano, @Lindsey Giphord, My mom Pamela Mader, Bill Rivvet, Jesus Christ and my cat Tigger
26.    My favorite place to eat at was Ryan’s Stake House, now it’s any Chinese restaurant.
27.    My favorite candy bar is Milky Way. My favorite fruit is the plum.
28.    My favorite time of the year is spring
29.    I don’t have a job, not by choice, I want a job but no one will hire me. That makes me so sad.
30.    I absolutely love dogs, cats and birdies.
31.    I never flew in a plain before, ever.
32.    I’m always too scared to ask a girl out because I’m afraid that she might get mad at me and not talk to me anymore.
33.    I weighed 1 pound 15 ounces when I was a baby.
34.    When I was in school I didn’t get a good education because kids picked on me allot.
35.    When I was in school teachers did the same because they didn’t want a blind person in their class’s cause I went to a regular school so they would load me so full of homework that I couldn’t ever do it all and I’d cry at night afraid of failing. And my mom had to give me the answers so I could get done and get some sleep at night..
36.    I was once accused of stalking my history teacher’s daughter when that wasn’t the case, she was always after me. Plus he failed me for doing so..
37.    I cry allot when I feel sad or depressed or i’m upset.
38.    I have repetition paranoia disorder. Which makes it hard for me if some sound that isn’t pleasing to the ears or if a voice that’s alarming keeps repeating itself it will scare me.
39.    I was born blind
40.    I had surgeries on my eyes, and that’s why I ware glasses.
41.    I get headaches quite a bit so I drink whiskey to kill the pain, and it works.
42.    Because I can’t see I can’t read facial expressions so I tend to take things the wrong way.
43.    I also have a hard time when reading comments figuring out if you’re joking or serious. And wall posts too, this is because My Screen Reader Jaws can’t see the smiley faces unless you put them in like this <smile> <frown> Oh and if you can and you have pictures on your wall, describing them helps for me, just tell me what’s in the picture no need for a long description.
44.    I’m a freak in the sheets and I know how to satisfy a girl.
45.    My ex’s are always asking me if I’d be willing to be FWB’s with them and I turn them down. I ain’t’ nobody’s sex toy.
46.    I ain’t afraid to die.
47.    I have sugar diabetes but it’s borderline
48.    I don’t believe in cheating or abusing a girl that’s wrong.
49.    I love going out to eat, or going for long drives or going fishing, camping, swimming, playing cards or dice, watching movies or TV which ever, and yes blind people do watch TV. We listen to the dialog of it and follow along. Also I like singing Karaoke, and I love writing poems and music...
50.    I used to have a special bike made for me by the lion’s club of Saginaw for me so I could ride around on one.
51.    My first time being in a bar was in November of last year.
52.    I’ve got a big heart that is always getting broken. But I still do for people because I care.
53.    I don’t wish to have my eye sight back. I’ve been to long with out it.
54.    I’m a man who knows what he wants in a girl and someday I will get mine.
55.    I’m a crazy ass fool sometimes.
56.    I love to have a good time.
57.    I don’t see when I dream. I don’t think none of us blind folks do.
58.    I hate carrying my cane around. Sometimes it gets in my way.
59.    I don’t have a leader dog and don’t want one. It would be more of a pet than anything and that’s now how they’re supposed to be looked at as. They are supposed to be looked at as a tool.
60.    I am afraid of wasps and earwigs deathly afraid of them.
61.    I am not afraid to speak my mind if I think I’m right and someone’s wrong.
62.    I’m a leader
63.    I care about others more than I do myself
64.    I don’t believe in cheating on a girl or even stealing either. That’s bullshit.
65.    I believe in working for what I get.
66.    I do know how to do cpr
67.    I have never really kissed a girl long and passionately or French kissed a girl in my life. That’s the truth.
68.    I’m not a virgin
69.    I am a sucker for food.
70.    I’m not jealous
71.    If none of your questions weren’t asked, just ask me and I’ll answer them as honest as I can because I believe that Honesty is the best policy.