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Manami Kiyota 20th Anniversary Live

We are pleased to announce the 20th anniversary of lyricist and singer Manami Kiyota's debut as a singer.
The first half of the concert will feature Manami Kiyota's singing parts, and the second half will feature a selection of songs from her soundtracks, which will be enjoyed by fans old and new.

Songs to be performed
Vocal part
"Queen of The Night" from the 2nd album "Nostalgic Land"
"Summer Album" from Final Fantasy Songbook "Mahoroba"
"A Thousand Flowers, A Thousand Skies"  from "NHK Minna no Uta"
and others

Soundtrack part
"starry journey" from "Sky Tour" by KAGAYA Studio
"Spirit Crucible Elpys"
"Auresco, Royal Capital"
"Iris Network"
"Everyday Life" (from Xenoblade 2 and 3)
and others

Vocal Piano / Manami Kiyota
Representative works: Xenoblade series, KAGAYA Studio large dome video works, etc.

Violin / Mariko Makibuchi

Cello / Takaya Anada

Drums Percussion / Toshiharu Okajima

Piano / Hideharu Mori

Cello / Atsushi Takahashi

We will do our best to prepare the best equipment and lines for the live broadcast, but please understand that due to the nature of the live broadcast, there is a possibility of unforeseen pauses and disruptions.

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